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My Sailor Scout is...

Sailor Sun


Name: Kira (last name unknown)
Age: 16
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birthday: August 14
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Subject:Debate, Mythology
Least Favorite Subject: Math, Phys.Ed
Hobbies: Arguing, teasing Serena, collecting jewelry
Favorite Food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Least Favorite Food: Sandwiches, Ice Cream
Likes: Guys, Fighting, Playing the Queen
Dislikes: Being ignored, being alone, the present life
Strong Points: Loyalty, honesty, arguing
Weak Points: Thinking before she acts, calculating
Favorite Animal: Lion
Gemstone: Carnelian

Kira is Serena's twin sister from the time of the Silver Millenium. She is the Sailor Scout of the most powerful object in the universe, the Sun. Just as Serenity was destined to be the ruler of the moon kingdom, Kira was destined to become the first Queen of the Solar Kingdom. She has her own guardian cat, who was her advisor in the past. He is orange and has a golden sun in the center of his forehead. Unlike the other scouts, she wasn't sent to Earth by Queen Serenity and the Silver Crystal. Though the Solar Kingdom was destroyed by Beryl, Kira possessed the Golden Crystal, which was what preserved her and which sent Sailors Io and Charon to the future. Her love from the Sun, Todd, was captured by Beryl and twisted. He eventually turned away from her and formed his own empire, The Land of the Dark Sun. He has three girls who work for him, they are called the Gangsta' bitches. The story of what happened after Serenity sent the scouts to Earth is revealed in Kira's stay with them. She is very powerful, and fights with the intensity that was taught to her in the past. She has retained all of her knowledge from the past, and is the wisest scout, except Setsuna. She is very close to Setsuna, Rei, Mina, Serena and Darien. Kira is alot like Serena, she ahs a tendency to whine in battle because she is frustrated that she no longer has many of her tools from the past, and often orders the cats to retrieve them for her. She is bossy and commanding, yet this is part of her charm. She is blunt and honest to a fault, and is graceful and charming. She still retains many of her queenly graces, and they give her an air of authority and dignity. Kira is sometimes frustrated with Serena, because she expects her to be the same person that she was in the past. However, it seems that the more everyone is around Kira, the more they remember their old mannerisms. Serena starts to evolve into the person who will be Neo-Queen Serenity during her tiem with Kira. She helps all of them to start becoming their future selves.

There is a story that I have written to go along with this. However, it is hard to read online. Maybe someday!